Monday, July 18

How to Grow Out A Pixie Cut ( Without Looking Like A Ten Year Old)

Hey everyone,

If theres one thing i know very well its growing out hair, last October i cut my hair into a frankie sandford from the saturdays inspired pixie cut.


The stylist got a little sissor happy and it did not turn out like this picture but more of a 'ijusthadmyhairdonebya4yearoldwithnailclippers' kind of do.... not pretty...

I really hated it and started trying to grow it out as quickly as i could,
 My tips for this hair stage would be

Headbands - I never liked them on me and they never helped as ive got such thick hair they would make my stick out at the sides which was not cool, but with thinner hair im sure they would help hide the do'

Hair Slides -  My best friends for sure, these did me so much good whilst growing out this cut, i could clip my fringe away from my face and tuck it behind my ears and such.

Waiting - There's not much else you can do but wait and cry alot...

The next stage is the worst i think for me anyway and its...

Yep, thats it a little something like this,

Not cute, not cute at all

My tips for dealing for this stage are ,

Claw clips - If you can get your hair into  a claw clip then do it !! they will at least make it looks less awful and a little more sophisticated.

Turbans - not the religous ones that you spot men in, but the cute silk scarf ones like this

The stage after the mullet stage is normally the embrassing and de-grading

( sorry justin, it may be cute on you but for me its not working out...)

This is what i ended up with after trimming the mullet and evening it out, a good old bowl cut...
the best ways to deal with this are,

fake hair peices - Sometimes hats wont cut it and the easiet thing to do is get a clip on pony, scrape all your hair back and clip it on, that is... if you can get your hair into a hairband if you cant then sorry your screwed for a few more weeks.

the poof ! Try making a poof, quiff on the top of your hair and tying up the rest like this

Now for the stage i am at now, and the best stage of them all,

Just like that... Now its been 9 months since my bad haircut and ive made it a good 5/6 inches i think my hair is now about the length of lilly allens in that last picture so im getting there.. my goal hair is actually waist length so i know its going to be a good few years till im there but i will update every couple of months

here is my goal
love rosie's hair soooo much !

And here is my hair now :(

So, im getting there and hopefully by december ill be at a good past shoulders length !

Hope you enjoyed the post


  1. aww! poor you i know how it is to have a bad hair cut! but thankfully i had one today and it was fine! :D PHEW! haha and yeah i agree that girl has such nice hair! :D X

    1. Lucky you ! bad hair cuts are so awful ! shes got such lovely hair, im so jelous !xx

  2. Thanks, have a pixie and keep trying to grow it out but get so frustrated and chop it off. So hard to be patient.

    1. Good luck ! just keep thinking about that lucious long hair and you will make it xx

  3. I'm growing my hair out too. I actually liked the pixie cut- but I never actually asked my hairstylist to do so. I was just after a trim for a short haircut I was considering growing out. And she was all, "I KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT!!" snip snip snip

    After a few months of going to my mom because she could cut my haircut just as well as the one who would have gotten my money--- I realized that while the pixie was cute--- I just plain tootin' missed having hair.

    I'm not three months in yet- but I'm going for super long locks as well. Here's hoping!

    1. argh ! i know what you mean, ive had that so many times, the whole ''just a trim, please'' then bamm, your bald,

      good luck with your hair growth journey ! :)my hair is about two inches past my shoulders now ! yay xx

  4. I've decided to grow out my pixie. I've had it for almost a year and half and I love but, it's time to mix it up a little. I last had it cut about a month ago but somehow I've already bypassed the mullet and moved directly to the justin bieber look. Definitely going to stock up on the pins and headbands. Hehehe, this should be fun!

    1. pixie cuts can be super cute but i agree theres definatley comes a time when you need to grow it out and opt for a change! your so lucky to not have the mullet to deal with ! it was horrendous.x

  5. so do i trim off the mullet??? i am beside myself right now just hate the whole process help!!!

    1. no way ! if you cut it then you will have to deal with it all over again when it grows back, just let it grow and before you know it, it will even out and look a whole lot better ! x

  6. i had the frankie sandford style cut in about 4 months ago, and 3 months in i got fed up of having it and i seriously miss my rib length hair. im getting to the part now where it sits just under my ear and flicks out like the character of monsters inc. its getting flat and when i try to punk it up abit and make it funmky i look like ive walked through a bush backwards haha. helllppp me ?? x